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Anna Cecil

Artist outdoor painting of landscapes and seascapes in vibrant colours. Oil Painter painting a series on travelling.

Moving to the Wiltshire countryside, combined with her young children starting school, has given Anna the time and surroundings to focus on her painting, a long dream of hers. Drawn to the sea and in particular to the Jurassic Coast, an area which she loves and knows well, paintings of the coast are a regular feature alongside her landscapes. A natural colourist, Anna is predominantly a plein air artist, fully absorbed in the immediacy of the moment, her paintings a reflection of the energy of working outdoors.

With a degree in History of Art and Italian from Edinburgh University, art has always been an important part of Anna’s life. Contemporary influences include John Ward RA, James Cockburn and her Grandfather Claude Whistler.

Anna is also putting together a ‘Travel Series’ of paintings, based on her passion for travel and years spent working for a Luxury Travel Company where she was lucky enough to travel far and wide. The current difficulties in the freedom of travel give extra relevance to bringing to life and keeping alive a travel memory.