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Belynda Sharples

Belynda Sharples painting in studio. She is currently featured at The Nadia Waterfield Fine Art Gallery

Belynda Sharples

Belynda Sharples is an artist, designer and ceramicist, who spent her like observing and drawing the domestic and everyday. Belynda began her career in interior design, working in London before setting up her own Interior Design Practise in Norfolk. In 2005, she joined her partner in his printing business and launched her own collection of Fabric and Wallpaper Designs.

For the last 10 years however, focus has been on painting and more recently ceramics. Belynda combines a natural drawing talent and a very personal sense of pattern and colour to create work in response to domestic and familiar objects. Her painting is intuitive without plan or direction, fuelled by the world around her.

Norfolk to India was featured in the Nadia Waterfield Fine Art Gallery from November 14th to December 5th 2020.

Her collection of new paintings and ceramics depicting scenes from everyday life in my studio in North Norfolk and in contrast work painted after a recent trip to India, which inspired a new body of work.