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Gail Dell

Gail Dell


Gale is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. She is captivated by the depth, colour and contrast of native flora and natural landscapes.

Her work is tactile and asks to be touched as well as seen. Her large acrylics and oils are playful and have an expressionist feel which exhibit a depth of confidence and colour that is refreshing and uninhibited.

Gale believes that life is merely a short holiday from eternity, and we should paint without resistance or self-criticism. She enjoys creating intuitively, it allows the mind to flow and explore without restriction. Working from this space adds another sensory dimension to her paintings.

Born in Cape Town, Gail grew up in a vibrant arts family, surrounded by music, paintings, horses, dogs and vineyards. She enjoyed a lifetime of study with artist and mentor John Cullingworth.