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Jane Hooper

Jane is a self taught artist living in a small village in Buckinghamshire. She has been painting now for about 25 years.

Jane enjoys working on a rough dark canvas which she prepares first. Next she draws directly on to the surface to work out line and composition. She then applies the paint thickly to create movement and texture, always staying within a quiet and muted pallet.

Jane’s work has an uncomplicated naivety with misshapen pots and crooked flowers which she enjoys trying to achieve. She is inspired by everyday objects, be they things from the home or outside in the garden.

Jane’s main influence is William Scott; “his use of colour and approach to still life is something I am drawn to”

Jane’s work has been exhibited in Edinburgh, London, New York and Singapore.

Jane works predominately in oil, trying to build shape, colour and texture. She draws on the landscape around her or on objects in life that are of inspiration. Her objective is to achieve honesty in her work.