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Julie Lawrence

Julie Lawrence

Julie Lawrence is a Wirral based Contemporary Romantic Landscape Artist. She Holds a BA (First Class) in Art with  Theology and Religious studies and an MA in Fine Art from  the University of Chester.  

Julie’s work is preoccupied with the notion of transience  and the shifting levels of light which influence perception  and mood. She takes inspiration from her regular daily  walks on the Wirral Peninsula, a place that she has lived all  of her life. Her pastel works are a direct response to the  process of her walking activities. These works are  composed of ambiguous shadowy figures, perceived and  held in memory as she makes her way to the coast. 

Julie has exhibited widely across the UK, including the  National Open Art Competition in London where she was  awarded a regional prize for the North of England Artist of  the Year. Her most recent exhibition has been at the Pastel  Society Annual exhibition 2022 at the Mall Galleries in London.