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Lucy Marks

Lucy Marks

Lucy Marks is a contemporary landscape painter working in watercolour and oil.  Her dynamic compositions express the ever-changing energy and movement within the landscape.  She often draws in charcoal to capture the spontaneity of the moment. Subsequently her works capture all the various energies of the land, sea and sky; from wild seas to pensive landscapes.  Lucy works directly in the environment and refers to these works back in her studio to further capture the fleeting quality of the subject.  Her process is to work directly from the landscape, either painting en plein air or sketching.  Through painting she explores the energy and dynamism, movement of the landscape.

Her fresh and instinctive marks, the juxtaposition of colours and textures, convey the physicality of the subject.  It is this physicality that encourages viewers to ‘feel’ as opposed to just ‘see’. Experiencing Lucy’s work is a sensory and emotional journey, encouraging the viewer to explore his/her memories and subliminal evocations of place.

Lucy intentionally removes any indication of representation or figuration in her work.  Deliberately avoiding traditional associations whether social, cultural or ‘place specific’ commonly used as anchors in landscape painting.  The removal of such associations allows both artist and viewer to interpret the works on an unconscious level, without the constraints we encounter in everyday life.  It is the imagination of both the artist and the viewer that are the important elements, rather than just identifying places or subjects in the work.  It is this philosophy that drives Lucy’s creative approach to give the viewer an experience.

Lucy holds an MA in Fine Art.  She has won the Humphrey’s Purchase Prize at the ING Discerning Eye, and was shortlisted for the ING Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary. As well as exhibiting at the Mall Galleries with many societies she has also exhibited with the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition. She regularly exhibits across London and the South East and was invited by Petworth House to paint their park and gardens for a solo show.

Lucy lives and works on the South Coast in West Sussex.