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Marielle Uprichard

Marielle Uprichard

Marielle spent most of her life in South Africa where she studied art and graduated with an Arts Degree from Stellenbosch University. Having worked as a textile designer, she started a career in art teaching after her move to the UK, 25 yrs ago.She now lives in a Cotsold village where she works from her studio.

During the various paths of her career , she has continued to explore different media and techniques in her paintings, and has shown her work in Southern Africa and exhibits in the Uk.

“My African roots have inspired me to experiment with different sorts of media, such as pigments mixed with oil and cold wax, and unusual tools e.g. a porquipine quill for fine detail.This enables me to express myself through a close connection with the subject matter.

On my country walks I observe light and nature, and when I return to my studio, I reflect upon the thoughts and feelings which convey a particular mood or atmosphere.Sometimes my paintings become a type of meditation, as I allow the forms and colours to emerge from a deeper source and reveal a vision or a memory of a landscape. This often leads to a great sense of joy and freedom when I paint”