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Suchi Chidambaram

Suchi Chidambaram

Suchi Chidambaram painter from southern India painting light

Suchi Chidambaram is a painter, born and raised  in Southern India. She moved to London in 1998 and works from her studio in West London.  Mainly self-taught, her work focuses on narrating her experience of a place and its people through rapid palette knife marks using oil paints. Her interpretations are not painted in situ but from memory, allowing fragments of visual data to mingle with her subjective and emotional responses. The resulting work varies between figuration and abstraction.

Suchi’s fascination in portraying buildings started when she was about seven years old, following a visit to an architect’s office.  It was a real feast to her, to see entire walls covered with architectural drawings. This was her first understanding of perspective.  She was struck by how the viewer could visualise what was not completely depicted: this was a revelation to her! Her passion to draw and paint began then. When it came to adding colour, she discovered oil paints applied with palette knives were a brilliant medium to narrate her interpretation of the fabric of the places she visited.  Urban landscape is an ongoing series that allows her to narrate what inspires her- hence some places revisited and re-interpreted more than others. More recently, she has been absorbed in painting light. Her new series of work are expressive, full of colour and convey the mood and energy of these places

Suchi has been an ACAVA artist since 2008. She held her first solo exhibition at the Nehru Centre, London in 2006 and has since participated in numerous exhibitions internationally, including India, Italy, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and England.