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Suna Imre

Suna Imre

Before moving into ceramics, Suna trained and worked for 15 years creating dance installation, performance and film. Specialising in improvisation, her works were rooted in spontaneous composition – the work continuously unfolding into the present moment. Working in clay has been a natural evolution for her – the tactility and immediacy of the material resonating with her background in improvisation and dance.

Whilst the first chapter of her life was rooted in finding expression and presence through movement, the second chapter has become about allowing more stillness and silence into her life through a growing interest and commitment to Zen and mediation practice. Letting go of ‘doing’ to just ‘being’ has given clarity to her arts practice and has led to her wanting to create objects that exist in the world – a departure from the ephemeral, transient nature of dance.

Most of Suna’s work is hand built through coiling or using press moulds. She works predominantly in stoneware and aims to bring the natural world into her vessels by either leaving imprints or by focusing on the details and patterns of nature and reflecting that through her choice of glazes or through mark-making.

Suna lives in Winchester, Hampshire.