About 1

Art has always been at the centre of my life for as long as I can remember. My father is an avid art collector and my mother was a successful interior designer so inevitably growing up we were surrounded by creativity and beautiful paintings. 

After studying at the Sorbonne, I went to London and joined an art and event publishing house. This was my first taste of setting up and running art fairs on a large scale, which gave me a good grounding in not only curating but also in dealing with artists and clients, key skills for starting up my own business. 

I have been running an art business now for over fifteen years, and last year moved to my dream venue – a beautiful, light-filled converted granary barn with acres of space, just outside Stockbridge. The space has allowed me to expand my business and now I have the freedom to exhibit larger and more diverse paintings and sculptures. The ethos remains the same, to bring together a broad cross-section of interesting and inspiring painters, ceramicists and sculptors all under one roof. I am proud to be able to exhibit artwork from over 60 artists here. 

One of the greatest joys of my day-to-day working life is the diversity it affords me. I spend a lot of time travelling to see artists at work and I feel so privileged to be able to build relationships with such interesting and talented people. I see them at work in their own studios and immerse myself in how they paint, the paints they use, their background and their mutual love of painting. 

Another bonus of my business is the creative freedom I enjoy which goes far beyond simply showcasing artwork. I want to establish a creative hub where people come to share ideas and interests. The art lectures and workshops I run are an essential part of the whole experience.

I am a great believer in the benefit of shared knowledge and experience and the consultancy side of my business is hugely important to me. So many people lack confidence about making the right choice of art in their homes or offices. I find guiding people and helping them to find the perfect paintings to make their houses sing is a real buzz. It’s a huge compliment when people rely on your taste and judgement. 

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