Whether your home, your office, your hotel, your chalet or your yacht, Nadia Waterfield Fine Art provides a bespoke art consultancy service to help you select and arrange the best paintings, sculptures, ceramics and other objets d’art to suit and reflect your taste, need and pocket.

Everyone has a different style and requirement.  Nadia Waterfield Fine Art focuses on the individual and we use our extensive expertise and knowledge and our wide network of established and new artists and craftsmen to tailor solutions to each individual and unique challenge.

We will spend time understanding and discussing your precise needs and ambitions.  We can rearrange and rehang existing art collections, source and acquire new and original art to suit place and taste and help determine the best solutions.  We are happy to bring a selection of work to choose from and leave with you to ‘live’ with.

Picture hanging, lighting and framing are all added value services that we provide.

Our aim is to work with you to make the most of your love for and investment in art and to create the ‘feel’, impact and atmosphere that you wish to achieve.