Painting Beetles & Bugs in Watercolour 

18th February

10.00am – 1.00pm (Age 7 -14)

£30.00 (materials included)

Children's Half Term Workshop - Painting Beetles & Bugs in Watercolour 1

Using watercolour we will be creating bright and beautiful paintings. The world of creepy crawlies can often be forgotten as they are so small, but in this two hour workshop we will be looking closely at the wonderful colours and patterns of beetles, bugs and butterflies, creating beautiful illustrations.
This workshop, designed for children aged 7-14, will explore colour, technique and pattern making including:
-Mixing colours on paper
-Creating patterns with water
-Building layers
-Making different textures
-Illustration techniques
The workshop will be lead by Natalie Wilson, an artist and primary school teacher.   Natalie has worked as a professional artist since 2013 in industries from TV & Film to Interior Design, and has recently begun a working as a primary school teacher. Using her artistic flair to run art clubs and workshops to encourage children’s creativity is a big passion of Natalie’s.
Watercolour painting is a wonderful skill for children to learn as it is such a fun and playful medium, and learning the best techniques will help to create a vibrant and charming result.

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Children's Half Term Workshop - Painting Beetles & Bugs in Watercolour 2