Art Scholarship Programme

Wednesday 12th April

10.30am – 4.00pm

Course fee £ 85.00

This is an ideal day for children applying for an art scholarship. This Scholarship workshop will be run in December, January and the Winter half term, to enable children to build up a substantial portfolio of work, in between set projects that they will work from at home.

We will start the morning by looking at each child’s artwork (please bring in all work) so we can gage where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and look at the importance of presentation to building up a portfolio.

Drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture are mediums that we will work with, and produce as many pieces in the timescale we have for the day.

We will discuss the importance of linking art work with artists, and the importance of ‘getting out there’ to see exhibitions and looking at subjects that link their portfolio themes.

It would be very helpful to have a discussion with parents at the end of the day.


Art Scholarship Programme 4