Bringing Back Colour with Natural Paint by Edward Bulmer 1

Nadia Waterfield Fine Art is delighted to invite you to her gallery to hear a talk about colour by interior designer and colourman – Edward Bulmer.

Edward is a master of colour which he loves to use in his interior design schemes. This talk will bring paint colours to life with lots of tips on how to bring colour and natural paint into your home.

Edward Bulmer has been working in historic interiors for over 30 years. Using this wealth of experience he has created a beautiful range of 72 natural paint colours. He uses natural pigments to mix his colours, using only twelve pigments that artists have been using for centuries. Natural pigments guarantee a depth of colour and responsiveness to light which is impossible to replicate with synthetic paints.

Edward is passionate about wellbeing and the environment. He only uses natural ingredients to make his paints which produce a wonderfully matt chalky finish without the use of plastic additives. The paints are odourless, so no headaches nor allergic reactions to nasty chemicals, as he does not use any! Unlike any other paint company Edward Bulmer Natural Paints declares all their ingredients so you can be sure they are safe for you, your house and the planet.

Bringing Back Colour with Natural Paint by Edward Bulmer 2