AGE 9 – 11,  10.00am – 12.30pm

AGE 12 +,  2.00 – 4.30pm

Course fee £30.00 including all materials

A wonderful workshop designed for children who have a keen interest in creating detail and learning new techniques.
This workshop is made up of two, two hour sessions in which you will be able to learn all about:
– Sketching outlines
– Colour selection
– Drawing techniques
– Create lifelike eyes
– Drawing fur
The workshop will be lead by Zoe Fitchet, a self taught wildlife and pet portrait artist.
Zoe has been working as an artist for the last 9 years and in that time has become multidisciplinary, learning to use a variety of medium. Her work focuses on realism, creating pieces that look lifelike and make the viewer feel like the animal is in the room.
Using coloured pencils, Zoe builds up many layers to create realistic textures and depth.
It is a not a very forgiving medium so learning the best techniques will help to create a wonderful result.

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