Half Term Educational Tour of the Hampshire Art Fair

Half Term Educational tour of the Hampshire Art Fair

Please email nadia@nadiawaterfieldfineart.com is you want to book a place

Wednesday 24th October – 11.00am – 12.00pm 

Thursday 25th October – 11.am – 12.00pm

Half Term Educational Tour of the Hampshire Art Fair 1


This half-term Nadia Waterfield Fine Art is offering art students and art scholars a unique opportunity to enjoy a bespoke tour of her latest autumn exhibition. With over 200 paintings on show, this far-reaching collection offers a brilliant insight into a wide variety of painting styles and mediums. As an artist herself, Nadia’s knowledge of art will enrich the students as she guides them around the exhibition, discussing the artists and their backgrounds, along with the different mediums used such as oil, acrylic,linocuts, bronze and ceramic. After the tour, students can share ideas about aspects of the exhibition in an informal group discussion. They will also be able to sketch and take photographs which could benefit future coursework. Don’t miss this fabulous chance for an invaluable and inspiring learning experience – so much to see all under one roof and no need to traipse to London!