Tutor: Richard Price
2 course homemade lunch included
Course fee £180 (2 day workshop)


Discover how to communicate freshness and clarity of ideas in your landscape painting. Working in the open, learn techniques for painting skies, trees, water and backgrounds. Working outside as much as possible you will improve your observation and painting skills, and develop your painting practice. Day 1 will be spent painting the landscape around the barn, and day 2 will be painting the river Test.

Richards work is concerned with light and atmosphere and falls within the traditions of artists such as Turner and Walter Sickert. While some of his work is done in the studio, Richard is predominantly an en plein air painter and most of his work is therefore painted immediately in front of his subject.

The challenge of this type of work is in being able to rapidly analyze colour and tone at the same time as capturing the constantly moving drama of the environment.

Richard is a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and sells his work internationally and has also exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts and the Royal College of Arts. Richard is Artist in Residence for Jubilee Year at the Hurlingham Club.

Observational Painting, The Landscape & Water with Richard Price 1