Sculpting the Head in Clay with Melanie Legge

Sculpting the Head in Clay with Melanie Legge

Wednesday 31st October – Thursday 1st November 2018

10.00am – 4.00pm

£280 including light lunch, tea and coffee


This course does not pretend to tell you everything there is to know about making a finished portrait of somebody.    What it does promise is to launch you on the right track, give you some basic rules upon which to build, and give you the confidence to pursue this intellectually and physically challenging craft.

You will be supplied with an armature and clay, and a model.  You should bring your own tools.  The tools in this photo are what I use.  I have some spare wooden modelling tools, but you must have your own: callipers, ruler/tape measure (a dressmaker’s soft tape measure is ideal) along with a ruler. A notepad & Pencil are useful.

However, your fingers are the best tools you have.  It is advisable to NAME your tools (ok, not your fingers!)  because it is too easy unwittingly to pick up someone else’s.

You will probably be pushed slightly out of your comfort zone if we are to cover all the ground I have planned for you.   We will be working very fast the first day… by the end of which we will have the structure of the head & neck in place, and the rudiments of the features plotted.  This will allow the whole of Day 2 to work on the various features.

If you want to do some “prep” prior to the course, I suggest you try modelling an ear.  There are lots of YouTube examples to choose from.   I will, of course, be giving you plenty of tips & guidance, but in my experience, ears are one of the most confounding parts of the human anatomy, and if you want to save some time on day two, some practice here will definitely help!

At the end of the course, you will have a head on an armature.  If you wish to preserve your masterpiece forever, the only way would be to have it cast in either resin or bronze.  I can supply details of foundries for this option.

I really look forward to meeting you – and hope that whilst working hard, we will also have a lot of fun.

Sculpting the Head in Clay with Melanie Legge 1

Sculpting the Head in Clay with Melanie Legge 2