13th & 14th October, 2016

TWO DAY WORKSHOP – Course fee  £250, including two course homemade lunch

Led by Oliver Gosling ARCA

  • Ever wondered at the sheer variety of paints and techniques available to painters?
  • Ever thought about how the many different effects we see in paintings are achieved?

For any aspiring or competent artist, this will be the most invaluable two days in which to learn all about paint, its uses and applications. Oliver will cover as many aspects of what you can do with this medium, setting you on a path of discovery and equipping you with the confidence to explore the magic of painting.

Oil and acrylic paintings are physical constructions, animating surfaces, suggesting depths and tensions between movement and stillness. 

We will cover: stretching and priming canvases, making paints, mixing paints, scumbling, glazing with colour, wet into wet, wet over dry, creating textures, both real and simulated, different ways to use a brush, use of knives, rags and sponges.

Confidence in the use of materials will give you a new perspective on any kind of painting you want to make. All artists have to learn to play!

Oliver Gosling is a painter. He studied at the Royal College of Art and has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe, Japan and China. He has lived in Japan and more recently in China, where he lived and worked for seven and a half years since 2008, and where he is represented by three galleries.

He is a lecturer in Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton, and he designed a module for the Oxford University Undergraduate Certificate Course in the History of Art, focusing on the materials, techniques and visual ideas in western painting from Giotto to contemporary, which he delivers annually. He is a free-lance lecturer, lecturing on topics such as the Oriental painting, the influence of Oriental painting on Western painting, and the materials, techniques and intentions of painters, past and present. His lectures are from a painter’s perspective.

The Alchemy of Painting with Oliver Gosling 2