Watercolours – Painting Birds in the Jungle (children’s workshop)



Wednesday 7th August

Age 7- 10    10.00am – 12.30pm

Age 11 – 14    2.30pm – 5.00pm

£30.00 including all materials


A bright and colourful watercolour workshop designed for children aged 7-10/11-14 who love using bold colours and patterns.
Focusing on creating a beautiful exotic bird in a jungle scene, this wonderful two hour workshop will give you the chance to try out many different techniques and learn the best ways to use watercolours including:
– building up layers
– creating patterns with water
– mixing colours on paper
– making different textures
The workshop will be lead by Natalie Wilson, an artist working in and around Andover, Hampshire. Natalie has worked as a professional artist since 2013 in industries from TV & Film to Interior Design. She has a keen interest in watercolours, exploring the skill of mixing realism with such a loose and sometimes unpredictable medium.
Using watercolour, Natalie is currently building up a collection of British birds. This medium is perfect for building delicate layers and creating the texture and pattern of feathers.
Watercolour painting is a wonderful skill for children to learn as its such a fun and playful medium, and learning the best techniques will help to create a vibrant and charming result.

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Watercolours - Painting Birds in the Jungle (children's workshop) 2