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Agnes Pollock is primarily a still-life artist and a painter of light.

I paint from observation and love to capture the subtle way in which a simple object holds and reflects light. There is something magical about the stillness, which draws me in and makes me want to paint (light), more than anything else. I am probably influenced by the exquisite, revealing light of early Dutch paintings and the delicate interplay of light, shadows and reflections. So I taught myself techniques used by the Dutch masters to enhance luminosity and depth of colour. I also love the simple, understated and quiet beauty found in Japanese ceramics and art. But my main inspiration comes simply from noticing and observing everyday objects around me.

Besides still-life, I also love painting abstracts and portraits. In all my work light is the most important theme. My compositions are bold, but my colours tend to be subtle, soft and muted.

The results are contemporary, contemplative and quiet.