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Christian Moore worked as a fashion illustrator in London for over a decade for premium fashion brands and magazines such as Chanel and Tatler.

After leaving London and moving to Scotland to raise his family, Christian’s surroundings and focus changed. His enchantment with the natural world now provides the inspiration for his paintings. The often lone subject and the space that it occupies represents the calm and clarity that he experienced when moving from the city, to living more harmoniously with nature.

As with his earlier illustrative work, his current pieces remain true to his overall ‘less is more’ approach. Each painting is made up of many layers of paint which are added and then partially removed. This gives the painting depth and colour but most importantly a sense of heritage.

Christian likes to use raw, natural materials in his work such as sand, wood ash or coffee grounds. The primary subject is usually ‘sculpted’ directly on the canvas/hessian, often in bronze or another metal using a type of cold casting. The ‘cold cast’ is made in the studio using metal powder and a type of resin. Once cured, the metal is aged to suit the composition before sealing and protecting the work.

The work embodies his overall sense of style and celebrates beauty and imperfection.