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Felicity Starr

Felicity Starr paints to contemplate and understand beauty, thoughts and ideas without being confined to words.

She paints with oils to create a high level of realism whilst retaining a painterly fashion. Predominately a self taught artist she has developed with practice, painting almost daily. Nature is her greatest teacher, always showing her new ways to appreciate and observe life, which in turns he tries to document.

Felicity is ‘drawn’ to paint anything that tells a story, is beautiful and eye-catching.  Her work hangs at the High Road House as part of the Soho House Permanent Art Collection and has been exhibited with various Societies associated with the Mall Galleries, including the last three consecutive RBA and RSMA exhibitions, the ROI, SWA and SWLA.  In April 2022, she celebrated her first solo exhibition at the Fountain Gallery and sold over 80 oil paintings.

Most recently she has been selected for the 2023 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Royal West Annual Exhibition.

Felicity Starr, Mall Galleries
Felicity Starr, Instagram