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Georgiana Anstruther

Georgiana Anstruther is a young British sculptor who trained in Italy. Following an art foundation at Bristol, Georgiana moved to Florence for 4 years specialising in abstract and figurative sculpture.

Now mother to two young daughters, Georgiana is now back in her sculpture studio and has hit a rich vein.

Working on a new series of abstract figures and her recent Rhino and Camel casts, Georgiana works with striking ability and style.

In her own words Georgiana writes, ‘the design of a sculpture has always been an important part of my work. It is about how the sculpture interrupts the space it is held within. The pattern of life aligned with the intensity of feeling and emotion and the dance between the two.’

Experimenting with different patinations and in her handling of her materials through every stage of the creative process, Georgiana achieves that rare feat and breathes life into the finished bronze.