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Jazzy Westinghouse

Jazzy Westinghouse is a contemporary oil painter based in Suffolk. She spent her childhood living in both Asia and the Americas, which significantly influenced her painterly style.

Other early influences include Gaugin, Rousseau and Ken Done. Westinghouse also spent time in Florence with her grandfather, learning about the Old Masters and their unrivalled techniques. Her paintings of birds on ceramic pots share a similar formal awareness and technical sensitivity.

The flat print-like aesthetic of her Mughal series can be seen as a contemporary take on the distinctive South Asian painting style which emerged during the 1500s, influenced by Medieval Western and Byzantine traditions or miniature and illuminated scripts. The Mughal painting style is playfully mirrored by Westinghouse, emulating historical traditions and stories of centuries past.
Jazzy’s artistic sensitivity has allowed her to cultivate a practice which bridges, artistic time periods, enabling us to reconnect with them through the lens of contemporary culture.