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Lara Ray

Lara Ray (33), lives in Watamu, a small town on the Kenyan coast in East Africa. Her home and studio is surrounded by hundreds of coconut palms and rich with tropical flora and fauna which she captures with her bright pallet.
Influenced by her mother Sophie Walbeoffe, Lara studied art at Falmouth College of Art and Arts University College Bournemouth. Moving back to Kenya 8 years ago, Lara started an art gallery for East African artists to show and sell their work. However during the pandemic she moved away from gallery life and started up her own practice again.
With the natural world being a big influence on her work, Lara is drawn to capturing the ever changing colors, light and energy of her environment. Hoping her paintings bring us closer to nature and inspire others to protect and conserve our home and the other creatures we share it with.