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Marissa Weatherhead

Marissa Weatherhead is primarily a painter of still life, however, she is also a landscape painter. Born in 1962, Marissa has an MA in painting,  from Royal College of Art, London. She also studied at the Gloucestershire College of Art and Design where she obtained a first class degree in Fine Art.

Marissa’s landscape work is more figurative and fluid than the structured approach in her still life work. She says of her still life work, ‘These paintings use familiar objects to investigate space, colour, form and composition. They do not deal with direct observational representation; instead they use and concentrate on what we know about an object through knowledge and visual understanding. This approach enables me to play on visuals by flattening or fragmenting the images or simplifying them at will, pulling and pushing space and form. A simple line or a block of colour depict an image. This evolution of the painting is evident in the build up of paint and use of mark making. By continually pushing the painting around it forms layers and textures until finally it reaches its conclusion’.

Marissa has exhibited widely in the UK , as well as in Europe. She was awarded the Boise Travel Scholarship and John Minton Award in 1988 . Her work is in the Arthur Anderson collection.Commissions include a large painting for the Barbican School on Music and Drama and more recently for Liberty London.
She has been awarded four Art Residencies held in Italy, Mallorca and Mainland Spain.