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Patrick Gibbs

Born in 1959, Patrick will tell you that his career in Art started at the age of seven when he entered a primary school competition and won first prize and a new pencil-case. He then managed to fail his art O-level and scrape through his art A-level, before he rather more promisingly headed off to the Ruskin School of Drawing and Magdalen College, Oxford to finish his studies.

Since then, Patrick has travelled extensively around the world, incorporating the vivid colours he sees into his carefully observed and emotive paintings. He enjoys painting life around him especially in far away countries.

Through this latest collection of work, we can appreciate Patrick’s talent to paint the strikingly rich and vibrant colours of the people and landscapes of exotic and timeless places such as Burma, Kerala, Laos, Sri Lanka and Zanzibar. He has the great ability to capture the everyday life of people living in these countries where he likes to travel. The viewer joins him feeling the sun, the heat and the atmosphere of a world far away leaving him wanting to know more. The result is a collection of work of outstanding quality and variety.

Patrick has exhibited extensively in London where he is based and has a large following of loyal collectors.