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Lucy Pulvertaft

Over 30 years ago, at the age of 20, Lucy discovered the French café culture in Toulouse, the tables turned towards the street … all the better for watching the passers-by. A tiny shift in her way of observing life, but which she feels had it’s importance. Every-day life will often trigger the emotion that inspires her next piece of work.

It was later in Paris that she started sculpting. Clay slowly replaced her pencils and paintbrushes. Over the years she has tried her hand at different materials, but she always comes back to clay for her creations, and today works closely with a foundry in order to cast them in bronze.

She explains that she doesn’t work on sketches before starting a new sculpture, she likes to concentrate on an inner emotion or a posture and translate it directly into a volume. She plays with the real proportions, in doing so she underlines a certain weight, a particular feeling, or a state of mind.

When we look at her work, it is the spontaneity, the familiarity that hits us. She says herself that she likes to watch people discovering her work. Their smile, the tilt of their heads will tell her if she got it right !

Today she still lives in France, based in Auray on the south coast of Brittany.