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Roy Freer

Roy Freer watercolour and oil painter from Sudbury

Since becoming a full time artist over twenty years ago, Roy Freer’s work has shown a single-minded focus in using overlays of rich colour to depict still life, figure and landscape as a way of presenting a visual understanding of his subject. Working from a familiar selection of either studio based still life objects, or outdoor features he continues to explore the tension held both within and between objects to a degree whereby they are held by the fulcrum of the painting.
His present work is concerned with the interpretation of the subject as a visual experience rather than a physical factual response. It is not so much a case of loosing the identity of the object so much as becoming more aware of the less tangible qualities within appearances. Objects are seen disguised and visually modified by light, shade, space and distance resulting in the fragmentation of colour and form.
Roy shows an engagement with the medium in the manner of his over-layering brush marks. The act as directional indications that underpin the main structure of his paintings and the whole is suffused with lighting that is depicted in strong shafts of colour across the canvas.
Roy passed away in March 2021.