‘Spotlight on’ Daphne Stephenson

'Spotlight on' Daphne Stephenson 1


Daphne Stephenson is considered one of the foremost and prolific Primitive Naive Artists working in Britain today. She owes much of her inspiration to living abroad for the first 10 years of her life along with her extensive travels. It is her colourful past that unquestionably lends itself to her exquisite and cheerful paintings. She likes to create ‘happy paintings that make people feel good’! She brings an eclectic mix of different cultures and backgrounds into every area of her work with an air of charm, wit and sophistication. She has been particularly influenced by her time on Caribbean islands over the last years like the Bahamas, Bermuda, The Seychelles and Jamaica and loves painting lush vegetation, birds of paradise and anything tropical. But Daphne comes back to reality now and then, closer to home in London, with her British and European scenes.


What do you love painting?

I love painting anything tropical! Jungle scenes, Caribbean Islands, lush vegetation, leopards and exotic birds in particular.

What inspires you?

Caribbean Islands, Wild life, Rainforests and Nature and escaping into magical words of fantasy.

At what point in your life did you decide to become an Artist?

When I was commissioned over a three and a half year period by my first client Debby Brice (the original Lehman Brother family) to do 12 paintings for their house in The Bahamas.

Who are your biggest influences in Art?

Without a doubt the late Fleur Cowles who was a family friend who painted Leopards and flowers later in her life and Andrew Logan who is a friend who’s originality in mirrored art I have loved and admired for years.

Where are you happiest painting?

In Portugal and in my Studio at Wimbledon Art Studios in London.

When you are not painting, what do you enjoy doing the most?

Apart from chilling out in front of the TV, having a glass of wine, eating chocolate and or dancing, it’s being with my gorgeous husband, my wonderful daughter, and fabulous family and v sp friends.

What music do you enjoy listening to?

Anything that’s soul, funk or jazz.
Bob Scaggs, Al Jarreau, Earth Wind & Fire, Soul Sisters, Bruno Mars.


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