‘Spotlight on’ Terence Clark

'Spotlight on' Terence Clark 1

Terence’s work is characterized by strong drawing and the use of bold colour and is highly regarded for its composition. His landscapes and still lifes are richly worked with a subtle and expressive use of paint, with influences ranging from Matisse to the Scottish Colourists.

His motifs are simple yet vivid, often filled with an intense light, influenced by his periods of work in France. This gives his work a Mediterranean feel, which makes his work popular with collectors.

Terence’s work has been placed in some important private collections in Europe and America.

At what point did you decide to become an artist.

I was 5 years old and my Grandmother let me draw in pencil all day on her formica table in her washing outhouse. At the end of each day she would wipe it down and I would start again. I loved the whole activity and obviously at the time I thought I was quite good at it so that was it!   All through school I couldn’t wait to get to Art School and get started.  My brother tells me that wen I was three I wouldn’t play with him because I was drawing all the time.

Who are your biggest influences?

Matisse, Bonnard, the Fauves and the Scottish colourists are prominent influences, but I enjoy a wide range of influences and artistic expressions. I like Matisses’ early work as he really is exploring painting as a medium and a poetic means of expression. I like a lot of abstract work by Richard Deibenkorn and Franz Kline etc. and they are influences in a subtle way.

Where are you happiest painting.

Probably developing work in the studio. I tend to work outside on notational drawings and sketches like Bonnard. I love the process of turning studies into new things and letting my creative intuition work with my skills. I often visit France and now Spain to soak up the incredible light of a Mediterranean landscape.

When you are not painting what do you enjoy doing most

I love cooking and meeting friends in bars. Cooking is a creative endeavour and an aesthetic challenge. So is meeting people in bars!I enjoy walking in the landscape in France and searching for just the right subject matter.

What music do you enjoy listening to?

I love the Beatles of course and Dylan etc but also Kathleen Ferrier and Vaughan Williams and songs of the Auvergne by Canteloupe and Gregorian chant and the Incredible String band from when I was a hippy… Too many to mention. I never listen to music whilst I am working. I have to have silence so I can dream a little as I develop a painting.


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